My Perfect Evening

Everyone loves a night in, right? Don’t get me wrong, a night out with friends is fun, but sometimes a quiet night to yourself can be just what the doctor ordered. Here is how my ideal night in goes…

First of all I’ll make something yummy for dinner, nachos is a personal favourite at the minute, or maybe something a little healthier such as a tuna bake. A good meal sets the tone for the rest of the evening. After dinner I always wash everything up, that way I’m not facing the next day with a mountain of dirty dishes!

After that’s all done I move on to a bit of a pamper sesh. I often start with a face mask (Lush’s Mask of Magaminty is my current go-to!) As they’re a great way to wind down after a long day and make sure the skin is in tip-top condition. With the mask all scrubbed off I tend to move on to a quick yoga routine, there’s hundreds of ten minute routines on YouTube and they’re excellent for stretching out the muscles and relaxing the body.

Next I’ll have a long hot shower so I can wash my hair and body. A bath would also be great, but sadly university halls doesn’t have one! I used to be a die-hard morning showerer but recently I’ve taken to having them in the evenings, as that way I can start my mornings a lot quicker. Once I’m out the shower I’ll moisturise and put on some cosy pyjamas, then do some quick meditation with Headspace, This is a subscription service but you can get ten meditation sessions for free, which you can re-use as often as you like.

After meditating I’ll brew a camomile tea and watch an episode of TV. Me and my boyfriend are currently working our way through Vikings but something more light-hearted might be better before bed! After that i’ll clean my teeth, have a final browse through Tumblr then head off to sleep!

I don’t do this routine every night, sometimes I’m out with friends or i’m just too busy; but once in a while I always take this time to wind down and have a relaxed evening so i’m refreshed for the next day.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the products or brands mentioned in this post. These are things I genuinely use and enjoy.  



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