Self-Care For A Bad Day

Emotions are weird. One day you can be feeling on top of the world, the next like utter rubbish. We all have to endure bad days sometimes, and it sucks. However, over my teenage years (where bad days were a plenty) I’ve picked up some tips and tricks to make the bad times a little less bad.

First of all, have a big drink of water. Go on, at least one large glass to get some liquid in you and banish any dehydration away. Next up, if you’re still in bed, get out of it. This can seem nearly impossible when you’re feeling down but try force yourself up and out (bonus points if you can make your bed). These two steps done? Awesome.

Next up, try have some food. I’m not going to recommend anything because the most important thing to do is eat. Eat whatever you like! chocolate cereal, go ahead! Pizza, yes do it! When I read up on self-care tips online they always recommend a healthy meal and that’s absolutely correct you should eat healthy whenever you can. HOWEVER when you’re feeling really bad sometimes the quinoa salad just won’t cut it.

Now you’re all nice and fed, hop in the shower or bath and enjoy the warmth. Crack open your favourite smelling body wash and scrub those blues away. Want to spend an hour of your day in the shower? do it, I won’t tell. When you’re out of the shower or bath put different clothes on than the ones you were wearing before. They can still be leggings or pyjamas if you like, just a DIFFERENT pair of leggings or pyjamas, trust me you’ll feel a lot fresher.

Now you’re all clean, what you do next is up to you! You’ve taken care of your basic needs so all there’s left to do is an activity you enjoy. Watch a film, play a video game,  anything you want; if it makes you feel better, go do it! The whole point of a self-care day is to cheer yourself up.

If you are experiencing low moods more often than usual, please contact a GP or mental health professional so they can advise you on what course of action is best. Self-care is great for the occasional bad day, however it cannot replace therapy or other treatment for mental health issues if that is what’s required.

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