My Current Album Recommendations

Like a lot of people, I adore music. I listen to it when I wake up, when I’m travelling, even when I’m working sometimes. My favourite albums are constantly changing depending on what genre I’m into at the time, so I thought I’d get my current faves down in a post before they completely change again. Oh and my music taste is very eclectic so don’t be surprised if this list goes from pop to rock very quickly..

Number 1: AJR – The Click

When my boyfriend first played me this album I really didn’t like it, BUT after a few listens I adore it. As my dad always says, listen to album three times before you decide your opinion on it! My personal favourite songs on this album are probably ‘weak‘ and ‘sober up‘. AJR also put an overture at the start of the album which mashes up every song beautifully, it’s a fantastic way to begin the album.

Number 2: Dorothy – 28 Days In The Valley

This is Dorothy’s second album (Their self-titled first album is also well worth a listen) and it really is road trip soundtrack material. If I took a trip across the country in an old car with friends, this would be the first album I’d play. Check out ‘Black Tar and Nicotine‘ and ‘Flawless‘ to get a taste of the album.

Number 3: George Ezra – Staying At Tamara’s 

I remember listening to George Ezra’s first single ‘Budapest’ in 2014, four years later his second road trip -worthy album is one of my favourites this year, George Ezra’s latest work is an album for summer days! My personal favourite songs of this album have to be ‘Get Away‘ and ‘Don’t Matter Now‘.

Number 4: Tyler Glenn – Excommunication

I’ve been a fan of Neon Tress for a while and stumbled across the lead singer, Tyler Glenn’s solo album a few weeks ago. It’s quite different to his work with Neon Tress but I really like it. The album has a lot of deeper meaning to it regarding Glenn’s personal life and that makes listening to Excommunication that more interesting. I’d recommend ‘Shameless‘ and ‘Trash‘ as two songs to check out.

Number 5: The Wombats – Glitterbug

This album came out back in 2015 but it still stands as one of my favourites. I first heard it during quite a rough time in my life and honestly that helped me connect with the album even more. I’d recommend ‘Greek Tragedy‘ and ‘This Is Not A Party‘.

Number 6: Nothing But Thieves – Broken Machine

I could easily listen to this album everyday and not get sick of it. It’s another one of those albums that really speaks to my soul and I relate to a lot of the lyrics. Conor Mason’s voice gets me every time it’s honestly beautiful. I’d recommend the title track ‘Broken Machine‘ as well as ‘Get Better‘ and ‘Particles‘.

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