How To Bounce Back After A Productivity Slump

Picture this. Its mid-June, the suns out, the first year of university is done and all you’ve seem to have done for the past week is sleep and binge-play the Sims 4! Picturing it? well my friends, you’ve just imagined Yours Truly over here, but this morning I FINALLY got myself out of a week long productivity slump. So, I thought I’d share with you how to do it to.

First and arguably the most simple step is to write up a ‘To-Do’ list of everything that you’ve been putting off. Haven’t done laundry? Put it on the list. Prescription to collect? Put it on the list. Haven’t done a Pilates workout in 2 days? LIST IT (that ones a bit close to home). Lists are a great way to get the mountain of jobs out of your mind and on to a page, plus it makes it way easier to decide what to do and when.

On the To-Do list front, if there are any tasks on there that take less than five minutes, do them right away! Doing the smallest tasks first can help you feel much more productive and frankly it just gets them out of the way. So, before you get on with your bigger tasks, take 15 minutes to put the washing away, take the bins out etc. Just little things like this can help you put the right foot forward.

Now you’ve got your list, try to work out when you can actually do each task. Having a set plan for when you’re going to do your various jobs and tasks can make things seem much less complicated. This is an excellent tip for school or university students as well! Just list out all your work for the week and schedule in when you’re going to do it, get on top of your work load and you’ll never have to pull an all-nighter again! (Disclaimer: you might still have to pull an all nighter, because, you know, university is hard and Netflix and wine isn’t).

Now the only thing left to really do is to get started on that list! It’s pretty simple and using this method you can get out of a productivity slump in a flash. However, it’s worth noting that you may have slumped because you’ve been OVERWORKING! If you think this is the case or you’re not feeling great emotionally maybe take a self-care day before doing any major tasks. You’ll work a lot better if you’re in a positive mental space. You can find some tips for having a great self-care day HERE.


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