Little Ways To Make Life Brighter On A Bad Mental Health Day

Sometimes, there are days when we aren’t feeling our best. Especially when there is other stressors impacting our lives. From work deadlines, to relationship troubles and pre-existing mental health issues, we all need some little ways to make ourselves feel good when life gets us down. So, here are some little ways to make life brighter on a bad mental health day.

*disclaimer: I am in no way a professional on mental health, I can only talk from my own experiences. If you are struggling in any way please contact a professional therapist or doctor for support.*

 Take A Look at Some Pictures That Make You Smile 

Instagram can be a great tool for this tip! Whenever I’m feeling down I go to the ‘Puppy’ tag on Instagram and scroll through all the adorable dogs! For reference, here’s my two beautiful Labradors who always bring a smile to my face.

alfie monty 1.jpg
They are Excellent Models!

Then if you ‘bookmark’ the ones you like, you have a ready-made photo book of feel good images. If animals aren’t really your thing, just pick anything that makes you smile, whether it’s motivational quotes or cheesy jokes, if it cheers you up, bookmark it!

alfie monty 2.png
The Boys at Christmas!

Take A Luxurious Bath

Whenever I’m having a not so good day I always have a really luxurious bath. Really go all out! Light the candles, pour in your favourite bubble bath and put on some relaxing music. It’s surprising how much brighter things can seem after a bath; think of it as scrubbing your stress away. 

Talk To Your Friends!!

This one is often tricky. When you’re in a more negative space it can be so hard to reach out to loved ones, but honestly it’s so vital you talk about your feelings. Call up a friend and go for a coffee, it will get you out the house and you can vent your stress or emotions to someone who really cares about you.

beard beverages break cafe
Photo by on


Good friends are like diamonds on bad mental health days, they are excellent grounding points to discuss your feelings and get an outsiders perspective on a situation.



Go Outside For A Walk

I know this one is pushed by everyone, but there’s a reason for that. It really helps! Take a walk around your campus, or even just up and down your street. As long as your outside, away from your bedroom and in fresh air, you’ll feel better. If you’re someone who dislikes walking without a purpose *cough my boyfriend cough* why not walk to a shop and buy something yummy for dinner, a good meal can be a great way to lift your spirits, which leads me to my next point…

Eat A Good Meal

Healthy eating is important, obviously but you know what else is important, balance. Don’t beat yourself up for having your favourite takeaway or a tub of ice cream for dinner, yummy food can bring a little bit of joy to an otherwise gloomy day.

food salad restaurant person
Photo by Stokpic on

If your bank balance allows for it, maybe head out for dinner with friends, not only does that get you out of the house and socializing, but it means you don’t have to cook!



I hope these little tips will help you, bad mental health days are so tough but always remember things are never as awful as they appear to be. Take some time for yourself, reach out to loved ones and always, always believe you will get through it.

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