December Favourites

The cold months are my favourite time of year for fashion. Fluffly coats, goregous boots and scarves that may as well be blankets! However, we all know the cold weather can cause your skin to go into meltdown (or freezedown, lol). So, my December favourites are a mix of my fave fashion pieces and the products that keep my skin in check during the festive season, enjoy!

Brown Fluffy Coat – H&M

Me attempting to model in my parent’s living room

I picked this piece up in H&M back in October and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get! It’s so cosy and the colour is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. I couldn’t find the exact coat on the H&M website but you can find a similar one HERE

Patent Leather Chelsea Boots – Marks and Spencer

I found these boots completely by chance! I was looking for my mum in the Labyrinth that is the York branch of Marks and Spencer and just stumbled upon them. It was love at first site and these babies have hardly left my feet since! They are super comfortable and easy to walk in, even if you’re like me and are as graceful in heels as a new born foal. You can find them HERE.

Lipstick in ‘Bombshell Red’ – Revlon

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a strong lipstick and for me Revlon lippy takes the cake. They’re super affordable and come in dozens of colours. ‘Bombshell Red’ is my current go to red lipstick, the formula is really creamy and the deep red gives it major ~witchy~ vibes, and who doesn’t love feeling like a witch from time to time. Find it HERE.

Microneedling and Serum Set – Amazon

This is an interesting one. I know I probably shouldn’t be putting mysterious needles and liquids from Amazon on my face but nothing bad has happened yet! In fact the results have been pretty good. I’d heard of microneedling before from various beauty vloggers so thought I’d give it a go! I’ve only used the set twice but the results so far have been good, my skin is getting clearer and the pores the size of marbles on my nose seem to be getting smaller. I’m planning on doing a full review of this product in a week or two so keep your eyes peeled! Find it HERE.

Purifying Daily Face Wash – Simple

¬†Another happy accident find! My skin always gets super dry in cold weather so I thought I’d switch to a gentler daily wash to help my skin through the harsh weather. Simple is brand I’ve used for YEARS so I tend to trust the quality of their products and this wash was no different. It helps clear away dead skin and impurities but doesn’t leave your face looking like the Sahara Desert like some harsher products. A must if you skin needs some affordable love this season.¬† Find it HERE.

Stay Perfect Foundation in ‘Calico’ – No. 7

This is the first time I’ve used a No. 7 foundation and I was pleasantly surprised! I wanted a product with some serious staying power to help me battle the winter weather, and this foundation has that power. It’s medium coverage and stays put all day, well worth buying if you need foundation shake-up. My only gripe with this product is that it lacks a range of shades for darker skin tones, come on No. 7 sort it out! Find it HERE.

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