How To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

Right, before I start this post let’s get one thing clear, I am SHOCKINGLY bad at maintaining my new years resolutions, like honestly it’s a struggle. So, why should you listen to me? Well dear friends I’ll tell you. Over the numerous resolution failures I’ve had in my short, sweet life I’ve developed some tips. Tips that *maybe* might help you stick to those goals you’ve set, and avoid the mistakes of yours truly over here! Convinced? Awesome, let’s go.

First, start your resolutions a few days before the 1st January! Now before you close this post and go back to ‘crimbo limbo’ (a phrase I heard on Radio 1 and is 100% not mine), I’m not saying you have to stop celebrating the holidays or swap Yule Log for carrots, but try making some small changes that will make the transition into the New Year easier. For example, if your resolution is to exercise more try do a quick 15 minute work out in your living room each morning (YouTube has tons of these). This way you’re already starting to build the habit you want before January 1st and it will be less of a culture shock when you commit to going to the gym every other day, trust me I speak from experience.

Tip number 2. SET REALISTIC GOALS!! I know this is said time and time again but for real, if your resolution is unrealistic, it won’t work. No matter how dedicated you are, you won’t be able to give up chocolate by going cold turkey, you’ll last 3 days then go on a Cadbury binge. Instead, break your goal into smaller, manageable chunks that can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. These small victories will keep you motivated on working towards your main goal for 2019.

Tip number 3. Actually make your New Years resolution something you WANT to do. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking that your resolution has to be something that makes you subjectively ‘better’ or improves you in someway, but it doesn’t have to be like that. A resolution can be something as simple as rembering to wear your glasses more or finding a new album you enjoy. Long story short, if you actually want to complete your resolution, chances are you will.

Happy New Year, my lovelies ❤

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