Thoughts on Turning Twenty-One

Twenty-one is an interesting birthday. On the one hand it lacks the excitement of ‘finally an adult’ and ‘legal drinking’ of eighteen but on the other twenty-one is the age where you are considered a ‘proper’ grown-up, rather than a teenager.

I first had this thought a few weeks ago when my parents asked me what i wanted for my birthday. In previous years i’d asked for something such as a watch or a nice pair of heels (which i am very grateful to be in a position to ask for), but this year my first thought of what I wanted was to not be in my overdraft.

Concerns about money aren’t the only thing that i’d noticed changing in the lead up to turning twenty-one, my whole outlook on life and myself has also had somewhat of a transformation. Things that used to terrify me in high school, such as going to get lunch alone, I no longer bat an eyelid at; and whether that’s due to age, less anxiety or a mix of both I’m still not sure.

What i’m trying to say is that i think going through my twenties is going to change me in a big way – I know that’s stating the obvious but already things in my life are getting much more ‘adult’. I’m starting my first degree related job in a few months, friends are getting engaged and my little world is suddenly getting a lot more amazing opportunities in it. Comparing my life now to how it was when I was fresh into university at nineteen, it’s like looking back at a different person.

The next few years are going to be weird, exciting but weird. I’m entering a phase of my life where i going from being a student to hopefully working a full-time job i love. Maybe I’ll move cities, rent an apartment, fall in love? Either way it’s going to be an interesting experience, one that i hope i’m ready for…

How did you feel when turning twenty-one, have you picked up any major life advice during your twenties? Please let me know in the comments, because honestly I need all the advice and words of wisdom I can get!

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