5 Ways to Style an Over Sized Shirt

An over sized shirt is something that the vast majority of people have lying around. Whether they got it vintage shopping, stole it from a partner or found it in the back of their parents closet and ‘inherited’ it. It’s one of those pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways, and i’m going to go through some of them, right here, right now *cue dramatic music*.

The shirt i’m using to create these five looks is a vintage Ralph Lauren button-up I found vintage shopping, you can find that vintage haul HERE. I chose this one because it’s a neutral pattern and frankly it’s one of my current favorites and I wanted an excuse to show it off! You can create these looks with any old over-sized shirt, so go crazy.

1. Over a T-Shirt with Trainers

wow i love being so cOOl and QuiRkY

This is the kind of outfit I throw on to go to lectures at university or run some errands. It’s simple, comfy and looks like you’ve made 10% of an effort, which is always nice. I’m actually wearing this outfit now, except with leggings rather than jeans for SUPREME COMFORT.

2. Tied at the Waist

ooh she’s back with the signature pose folks!

This is a simple way to give an over-sized shirt some more structure, whilst still keeping the comfy aspect. It’s best to leave the bottom two or three buttons undone for this, as then it creates two separate pieces of fabric that can be easily tied together. Pair with converse for a typical day or heels if you’re feeling fancy.

3. Fully Buttoned with Heels

The neighbors 100% saw me take these pictures through the window and I can still feel the judgement. But in my defense, I needed a way to show off the shoes πŸ˜‰

Once again simple, comfy but still dressy. This is a simple look that could be worn to the office, or for a quick drink with a friend. You could also undo a few buttons of the shirt and add a statement necklace for extra flair.

4. Under a Jumper

This is great for spring, because it’s too warm for a coat but sometimes you need an extra layer for when it gets a bit chilly. Simply find a jumper in a color that compliments the shirt and throw it on. I’ll admit my shirt is a bit too over sized to fit neatly under a jumper, but you might have better luck.

5. The Messy Tuck

I really need to learn some more poses

A bit like tying the shirt, a messy tucks adds some more structure to the look whilst keeping it casual. This works really well with over-sized shirts because all the extra fabric means you can get it looking loose around the waist whilst still obviously being tucked in to jeans or a skirt.

I hope this post has helped you find a new way of styling that old over-sized shirt of yours, or reminded you of a look you used to rock all the time. Or maybe you’ve seen all these before and I need to try harder. Either way, please leave a comment below πŸ™‚

One thought on “5 Ways to Style an Over Sized Shirt

  1. I absolutely love your poses. It is you! I love these outfit ideas. I bene actually thinking what to with my clothes lately and this is great. Now I have ideas and great love. I hope that neighbor was blessed by your poses! Hahaha thank you for the lovely content!


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