Diablo Cosmetics Color Changing Foundation Review

It’s the 21st May 2019, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, I’ve regained my will to live. You know what that means?





Now that major stress sesh is done and dusted I can get back to my true loves in life, blogging, spending time with friends and drinking copious amounts of wine. Drawing on the first point (I’ll get started on the other two tonight) I thought I’d get back into blogging with a review of a foundation that I’ve been meaning to cover for a while, the Diablo Cosmetics color changing foundation, which you can find HERE.

The foundation retails for £28, but I got it for 50% off at £14. Actually, it’s still selling for £14 four weeks after I ordered it so chances are it’s always that price. Questionable business practices aside, The foundation took about 2 weeks to arrive, with free delivery from China and no customs charges; which is always nice. The packaging is like any other foundation, except this box comes with the promise that the foundation will change color to suit your skin tone perfectly… magical.

I tested the foundation out yesterday, when I was revising for my political sociology exam so please excuse the bags and lack of light in my eyes.

Here’s how the foundation looked after one application, The formula is really easy to blend and actually smells pretty good, kind of like sun cream! It’s completely white when you first put it on your face, then slowly changes color to match your complexion. It’s only medium coverage, which is to be expected for something that has to match a range of complexions, but I reckon using another layer of product would improve this. It’s cool to see it change color, even if I don’t know how it works. Something worth noting though is that I am VERY pale, so the foundation didn’t have to change that much to match my complexion, therefore I can’t say how well the formula will work on deeper skin tones, if anyone knows please comment below!

I really tried to stop doing this pose, honest! my hand just automatically migrates to my face when I take a picture.

Here’s how the foundation looks after 8 hours of wear. It held up pretty well throughout the day, it was comfortable to wear while I was studying and questioning my module choices as I struggled to get my head round neoliberal economic policy. I didn’t give this foundation a brutal test as I was chained to my desk all day but I’d be happy to wear it on a night out and trust it to stay in place.

Overall, I like the foundation and will continue to use it, but will it replace my current NYX foundation? No. Not because the Diablo foundation isn’t good, it’s just hard to get hold of. It takes about two weeks to arrive so is hard to restock on, plus having your foundation shipped from China every month is hardly good for the environment. I’d definitely recommend trying it though, for the novelty if nothing else! Something about watching it change color before your eyes is super cool.

Have you tried the Diablo color changing foundation, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! Or just say Hi, if you want.

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